Salary survey in Vietnam market 2021 by First Aliances

According to First Alliances, there is a rapidly rising demand for more IT talents which is still small pool in Vietnam. Working in Data Science segment, I’m more focusing on data-related positions. From experiences with sharing knowlege within my network, the survey reflects the quite correct the wages people can make per month. I emphase this because I saw some other recent surveys too much exaggerated or underated based on some unrealiable sources.

Some facts I recognized from below table:

  • The minimum payment is almost double for fresher at my graduated time (2012)
  • Saigon employers pay more for their employees compared to Hanoi
  • Managers with 5+ years experience starting at $2000 minimum
  • Regarding technical positions (excluding Architect one), top Data Scientist & Data Engineer getting highest pay.

I know this is for a reference purpose, not apply to all, your value should be evaluated by what you can contribute to the company. It is still a useful resource to know your price at current workplace or dealing with other employers.

You can request a copy from FA Website or simply take a look on below uploaded slide:

Salary Guide 2021 from Duc Nguyen
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