Vietnamese sign language reader

This project describes a computer based system that utilizes a 3D sensor to bridge the communication barrier between hearing (and/or speech) impaired people and hearing ones. Above figure shows how I love Vietnam demonstrated in Vietnamese Sign Language.

The proposed Vietnamese sign language reader successfully recognizes 28 static and 7 dynamic gestures taken from the Vietnam sign language dictionary. To recognize the gestures of a static type, various techniques have been deployed, such as Gabor Filtering, Fisher’s Discriminant Analysis and Cosine Metric Distance method.

The proposed technique achieves a good result with 93.89% accuracy and speed of 14 frames per second. Recognition of the dynamic gestures is based on the $1 Recognizer algorithm providing quite a good accuracy with 97.14% of accurate recognition with real-time running at 15 frames per second.


This is a quick demo video recorded on my laptop in Fall 2013, Australia.


  • This project is part of my thesis which can be read from HERE for further details.
  • This project also gained a good feedbacks from my professors and my paper proposal finally got published in IEEE; if you want to read, the paper is assessable from RESEARCH GATE
  • I published the source here for anyone interested in Vietnamese Sign Language reader with new technology.
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