Stereo vision experiment on Logitech cameras

This project provides an alternative way for robot to detect and estimate the distance to an object. The stereo vision technique is used as human eyes with the support of OpenCV library.

The project was part of my subjects in University time back then in 2011 when I did so many computer vision related projects.

Demo video

Source code

Full source here:

Implementation steps

How to execute the project?

  • It needs cvBlobsLib. For setup info, get here:
    Here’s code for my test using cvblobs:

  • Distance between two cameras in my project is 6 cm, you can chose father distance for the best result with your camera’s type

  • Before running “Detect objects & compute distance to object” module, you must calibrate your cameras. How?
    Change “#define CALIBRATION 0” to “#define CALIBRATION 1” in stdafx.h file.
    After calibration, you will get new matrices in “CalibFile” folder (*.yml), if the result is good enough, change back “#define CALIBRATION 0”
    Put this line into file stdafx.h: “#define ANALYSIS_MODE 1” as well.

  • I used chessboard 10x7 & 40 frames for calibration module, more details in “StereoFunctions.cpp” file. You can change these numbers suitable with your type of chessboard.

  • For problems with loading cameras, you should modify in “StereoGrabber.cpp”. Put “index” appropriate with your device in cvCaptureFromCAM(index) function.

  • About computing distance: it interpolates the relationship between depth-value and real-distance to third degree polynomial. So i used excel file “interpolation” for interpolation to find k1 to k4, you should find your own value of these parameters.

  • For the best result, you should adjust parameters in Stereo Controls window.

  • This package includes matlab files in “Distance” folder, feel free to edit it.

  • For the basic theory, read this paper (also include his full code):

Mobile autonomous robot using the Kinect


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