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Kibana is part of ELK stack to visualize data from elasticsearch. Further than that, Kibana is equipped with many features and plug-ins such as elastic nodes & infrastructure monitoring, user roles or life cycle management and query experiment elasticsearch database.

Spend sometime with the demo Kibana page to feel it. Click Here.

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When do researching to choose a good data storage technique for log collection, searching and analytic; I found elasticsearch is a ideal choice because of following reasons:

  • Performance: fast query with million records within miliseconds, it is thanks to indexing document technique with Lucene engine running under-the-hood.
  • Scalability: elasticsearch can be expanded by simply configuring new nodes when resource increase needed.
  • Integration : it is compatible with elastic stacks (beats: metric, file, heart, etc. ) and others (Fluentd, grafana, etc.) which support many purposes to monitor multiple system and services.

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